ABOUT Ashes Company explores universal theatrical forms equally impacting the senses and mind. This work incorporates many different fields, including movement, sculpture, ritual, image, and sound. The company seeks the dramatic tension that can only emerge via objectivity, rendering an irresolvable majesty. In this context, ashes suggest remnants of a combustible phenomenon: coming-into-presence.

COMPANY Jonathan Vandenberg, Artistic Director
Erik Grathwohl, Dramaturg
Robert Grimm, Associate Artist
Adam Roper, Associate Artist

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Jonathan Vandenberg is a theatre director, writer, and designer. His recent works include Oresteia inspired by Aeschylus (Classic Stage Company), The Kingdom (Mabou Mines / Suite Festival), The Crossing of the Visible (Center for Performance Research), Axis Mundi (Middlebury College Museum of Art), No Such Thing (New Langton Arts), Amnesiac (San Francisco Theatre Festival), Kafka Parables (KafkaFest), and the site specific Tantalus. He co-created and was Associate Director for Festenmacher with director Robert Woodruff at NYU Tisch Graduate Drama. He has held teaching positions at Middlebury College, Clssic Stage Company's Education Program, and Franklin & Marshall College. M.F.A. Directing, Columbia University.



THEATOGRAPHY ORESTEIA. Classic Stage Company, New York, 2015.
AXIS MUNDI. Middlebury Museum of Art, Middlebury, 2015.
THE CROSSING OF THE VISIBLE. New Voices in Live Performance, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, 2014.
THE KINGDOM. Mabou Mines Suite Festival, PS 122, New York, 2013.
TANTALUS. Site Specific, New York, 2012.
ORESTEIA. Columbia Stages, Riverside Theater, New York, 2011.
KAFKA PARABLES. KafkaFest, New York, 2010.