Ashes Company was initiated in New York, 2010, by director Jonathan Vandenberg and dramaturge Erik Grathwohl. The project explores theatrical forms, particularly beyond literary language. This work incorporates many different fields, including sculpture, architecture, sound, image, and ritual. The company is developing a distinctive theatrical tradition through new works inspired by catalytic elements within a broad range of source material. Due to its fecundity and universality, this source material is oftentimes classical.




Erik Grathwohl has variously been a scenic designer, technical director, and dramaturge working in New York City for 10 years. In addition to his work with Ashes, he has been creating yearly projects, with grants from NYU, exploring the application of technology in theater, and the intersection between game-playing and performance. Erik is also Adjunct Faculty and the Supervisor of Second Year Production at NYU's Graduate Theater programs.

Jonathan Vandenberg is a director, writer, and designer. His work has been presented in a range of contexts, from site-specific locales to Off-Broadway. Selected works he has conceived and directed include Oresteia inspired by Aeschylus (Classic Stage Company), The Kingdom (Mabou Mines / Suite), The Crossing of the Visible (Center for Performance Research), as well as the installations Axis mundi (Middlebury College Museum of Art) and the site-specific Tantalus. He has also directed works for New Langton Arts, Magic Theatre Young CA Writers Project, San Francisco Theatre Festival, and The Internationalists. He has held teaching positions at Middlebury College, Columbia University, and Classic Stage Company. He has trained with the Suzuki Company in Toga, Japan and received an MFA in Directing from Columbia University.


Oresteia. Classic Stage Company, New York, 2015.
Axis Mundi. Middlebury Museum of Art, Middlebury, 2015.
The Crossing of the Visible. New Voices in Live Performance, Center for Performance Research, Brooklyn, 2014.
The Kingdom. Mabou Mines Suite Festival, PS 122, New York, 2013.
Tantalus. Site Specific, New York, 2012.
Oresteia. Columbia Stages, Riverside Theater, New York, 2011.
Kafka Parables. KafkaFest, New York, 2010.