The Cutting Ball Theater
The Cutting Ball Variety Pack: Directors Series

Exit on Taylor, 277 Taylor St., San Francisco
February 2-11, 2018, Fri-Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm

An idea, even a false one, is a potent force. Iago, architect of the tragedy in Shakespeare's Othello, is also a force. Iago plants a seed of doubt in Othello by suggesting his wife, Desdemona, is unfaithful. When Othello demands “ocular proof,” Iago's words conjure illusory images in Othello's mind. Unable to distinguish between fact and fiction, true and false, Othello is lost. Iago is at once creator and destroyer, god and devil.

This short performance is presented within The Cutting Ball Theater Directors' Series. The Directors Series is a single production containing four separate interdisciplinary works, each conceived by a different director.

Inspired by Shakespeare
Director: Jonathan Vandenberg
Cast: Max Forman-Mullin, Maria Leigh
Dramaturg: Erik Grathwohl


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