Mabou Mines/Suite
New York, 2013

A process-driven, secular exploration of what Jean-Francois Lyotard has called, "The Hyphen." That is, the intersection between the Judaic and Christian mythic traditions.

Part I, “The Vessels,” drew upon Bereshit (the Book of Genesis), including creation, Eve, and Cain and Abel. Part II, “The Time of the Prophets,” was inspired by the construction of the Temple, its fall, and the Ark of the Covenant. Part III, “Kenosis,” explored the incarnation of a messiah-like figure.

Concept, Director, Set, Sound: Jonathan Vandenberg
Performers: Charles Baran, Joshua Isak, Hugo Job, Philippa Kaye, Daniel Levitt, Michael Markham, Michael Propster, Adam Roper, Doug Rossi, Shacha Temirov, Regina Vorria
Costumes: Nina Bova
Costume Assistant: Grace Eddy
Lighting: Joe Novak
Dramaturg: Erik Grathwohl
Prop Design: Sam Hill

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