Classic Stage Company
New York, 2015

Aeschylus' The Oresteia first performed at the Dionysia Festival in 458 BCE. Its three plays - Agamemnon, The Libation Bearers, Eumenides - comprise the only extant Ancient Greek trilogy. Aeschylus depicts the events of the House of Atreus, including Queen Clytemnestra's murder of her husband King Agamemnon, and their children's subsequent revenge upon their mother. This production distills the trilogy into a three-act performance.

Inspired by Aeschylus
Concept, Director, Sound: Jonathan Vandenberg
Performers: Samuel Caraballo, Robert Grimm, Adam Kampouris, Ioanna Katsarou, Tanner Lamanuzzi, Lauren Maykut, Nathaniel Peart, Caitlin Pereiras, Adam Roper, Kristina Siapkara
Scenic: Yu-Ting Lin, Jonathan Vandenberg
Lighting: Joe Novak
Costumes: Olivera Gajic
Costume Assistant: Fan Zhang
Dramaturg: Erik Grathwohl
Video: Andrew Lazarow, Moe Shahrooz
General Manager: Aaron Simms


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